free simoleons and simcash

Looking for free Simoleons and Simcash?

You probably are. It’s the only reason you’re reading this guide. And today, we’ll guide you in the right direction.

We’ll show you tips for more resources on The Sims Mobile, and while spending as little money as possible!

However, before we get into the tips – we’d like to discuss an important principle. That is…

Free Simoleons and Simcash are hard to find.

That’s because there really aren’t any – at least with the newer releases.

You see, the older Sims games had cheat codes. They were far and plenty, and you could use them to get massive Simoleon amounts.

However, the older versions weren’t free. You had to pay for them…

Today, the game is offered by EA for free. So to add in cheat codes would disturb the game experience.

Add to that the business factor. EA is a company, and they need to make money. So how will they do that, by offering free games (and) cheat codes at the same time?!

The answer is, they won’t.

What About Hack Tools & Generators?

That’s another option for cheats to get free simoleons and simcash. But we don’t recommend it…

You see, hack tools and generators are easy to find, here is an example:

Most people report that these tools don’t work or cause issues.

Many of the tools rely on bugs for their hacking effects. And once those bugs are patched out, it’s back to square one…

As you can see – seeking cheats and hack tools probably isn’t going to pay off.

So it’s best if you rely on tips from competent players. They’ll speed up your gameplay. Not to mention, it’ll make it more fun!

Let’s Get Started – 4 Tips for You!

(1) Open Your Boxes.

Quests and to-do lists give amazing rewards, and quests will continuously come your way.

However, we recommend prioritizing the to-do list first. From there, proceed to work on your quests. The more quests completed per day, the better the more rewards you receive.

Thus, make sure you don’t waste time on actions that don’t complete any objectives.

(2) Heirlooms, Slots, and Events.

Give your SIMs the correct heirlooms. And make sure they match their specific hobbies and careers. Those heirlooms improve their specialties, so make sure all 4 slots are dedicated to those!

Something else you can do is put your SIMs in quick events. And make sure you do so when they have full energies. This lets you quickly gain 1-2 events per finished SIM. And when they run out energy, you place them through longer events!

(3) Hobbies.

We recommend sticking to hobbies over jobs. You receive similar payouts for both, yet hobbies have more conveniences.

We recommend placing all your hobby equipment close to each other in your home, then proceed to make all your SIMs work at once. That way, during active gameplay, you can quickly click through your SIMs’ actions.

Also, try to make sure your SIMs are at close skill levels, where this helps finishing events in similar timeframes!

(4) Level Them Up (Then) Retire Them.

SIMs that level up get additional bonuses (like SimCash), while giving you furnishing unlocks.

When a SIM gets to the level cap, and you feel fine with the SimCash you’ve made using them, put them through retirement. This doesn’t delete your SIM, but it does unlock an additional SIM slot, and this lets you make even more cash!

One More Tip:

There’s a way to get more free Simoleons and SimCash. And it’s not a gameplay tip…

That would be Perk. It’s a program that lets you play games and watch videos, in exchange for credit.

You can then use those credits and exchange them for money. And you’ll receive that money through PayPal and Amazon GiftCards!

You can use both to get more resources in-game!

And to top it all off, it’s a trusted program. Perk has 250K+ followers with 5-star reviews!

If anything, it’s a must for resource hoarders.

(Start Now: Join Perk through this promo link and get 50 credits for free)!

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