Are you looking for Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems?

Like many people, you are probably a fan of Pixel Gun 3D. It’s a game that combines two popular themes into one.

That would be shooting, and an attractive 8-Bit world.

You don’t find that in many shooter games, which are more realistic. And this makes game worth exploring…

However, simply playing and finishing the game isn’t enough. You need to get innovative.

You need tips and tricks that let you advance fast.

One way to do that is getting free gems. This is something we’ll discuss below, mentioning what works and doesn’t work!

Why Do I Need Pixel Gun 3D Free Gems?

First of all, that’s what you need to get ½ the guns in-game.

The more gems you have, the more weapons at your disposal. And in any shooting game, exploring weapons is a major part of the experience…

However, you want those free gems without spending real money.

Because why would you do that? You’ll only spend money, only to get disappointed!

How So?

Let’s look at hack tools and generators.

Many of those exist online. They promise you free gems and maxed out stats in the game. Here is an example:

But most people say these don’t work. And those that do work function for a limited amount of time. The truth is, it would probably just be a waste of time.

Here’s What You Need…

You need genuine tips and tricks that are based on experience.

You can consider them cheats. But in reality, we see them as the fruits of really dedicated gameplay.

You can get them and use them instantly. And it’s much better than searching far and wide for dangerous tools!

Also – Real Cheats are Difficult to Find.

You won’t find any cheat codes designed in the game. No developer ever does that, unless it’s for an offline console game.

Because why would they? Cheat codes ruin a game. They add little to the experience, where they give instant rewards for no work done.

So instead of seeking cheats, seek proper tricks and tips. And below, we’ll mention some on how to get more gems!

To Start Off…

Level Up & Create Gems.

In Pixel Gun 3D, the highest level is 26. You can get gems by leveling. Specifically, you gain 10 new gems for every level.

Another method to get gems is by creating them. By spending 270 coins, you can design a gem creator. This’ll give you a gem per day.

From there, you can expand to a coin creator, and get 3 coins a day. Save those up, and keep making more gem creators!

If you need the cash – just play extra rounds in arena.

Modes and Daily Rewards.
You can try daily prizes. It’s an easy way to get gems, but it’s time consuming, and you need a while to save up stash.

Daily prizes rotate, where sometimes you get coins and items instead of gems. This happens monthly, so be sure to pay attention.

Something else you can do is play all game modes for double reward. And you should also play campaign modes. This provides double the experience and coins!

But This is Tome Consuming…
No worries. If you need a faster way to get gems, just wait for a 3x sale. That way, you get more gems for less money.

Those sales happen often. Just pay attention to them. Through them, you can get enough gems for top primary weapons, like a “Crystal Laser Cannon”!

Final Tip.

There’s another easy resource that lets you get gems in-game.

All you need is to follow a rewards program. And one of the best is “Perk,” which lets you watch videos and play games for credits.

Those credits are then given to you via Amazon gift cards and PayPal. From there, you can use those to get the gems you need!

Perk is a trusted program. It has over 250k 5-Star reviews. Using it, you can earn hundreds of dollars.

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