The Real Truth About Fortnite Cheat Codes…

fortnite cheat codes

Fortnite is a “shooting survival game.” And it’s one of the best in its genre.

You play in a post-apocalyptic world, where you have to fight zombies and aliens. And it’s interesting, since this is a game you can play with other players!

However, you may have already experienced much of the game. You might be looking to take your gaming to the next level…

And for that, you are probably seeking Fortnite cheat codes.They make the game interesting. They add a dimension to it that you won’t find in normal gameplay!

How So?

Most games are quick to conquer. You can complete them fast (in a few months), where you can quickly max out some of your characters.

And this is where cheats come in. They make the game fun, where you won’t have to spend much money at all!

Looking in the Right Places

So it’s time to search for your cheats and hacks. However, note that the research itself can be problematic.

There are many Fortnite cheat code and hack tools online that claim to give you free v-bucks. You can check out an example of one here:

Now, most people report that these tools don’t work. The truth is, it would probably just be a waste of time.

But – Real Fortnite Cheat Codes are Hard to Find.

True. Almost no developer adds cheat codes into their game.

Why would they? Unless it’s an offline console game, adding cheats won’t serve the game experience.

Specifically, it won’t serve it on the collective level. It’ll mess-up game dynamics on an online and MMO level.

This will ruin the competitive nature of the game.

So you won’t see cheats in any app store games. And specifically, you won’t find ones that give you V-Bucks!

So What Do I Do?

Focus less on cheats, and more on unique strategizing.

Read the list below. We actually have tips and tricks to help you out. You can use them to modify the game for results you want!


Quick Resource Access

In the Fortnite Battle Royal, you have forts. It’s a key concept in the game, and it’s where the game’s name comes from.

To build those, you need resources. Those include metal, bricks, wood, and much more.

You need to get a good amount fast, and without drawing the attention of others. Thus, if you find yourself in problem, yet you urgently need resources, look for a wooden-based guard towers.

Those bases provide massive amounts of wood, and in short amounts of time

But here’s a warning. Others may see the whole tower fall which you pick up the wood there. So stay alert.

But just in case you need a second source, try Dusty Divot. There, you’ll find pallets to use as resources!

Valuable Weapons

Weapons in Fortnite weren’t made equally (just like with many games). Some are unique, and others are common.

But in Fortnite, a weapon’s uniqueness isn’t just in rarity. It’s already related to its effectiveness.

Shotguns are more effective than many rare pistols. And so are rockets and exploding plungers, which do mass damage fast.

Never Trust Dancers

It’s a rule in fortnight, and it’s one to respect.

If you see someone beginning to dance, it means they want to come to your side in battle. However, you shouldn’t trust those individuals.

There are other ways to find unexpected partners. But it doesn’t come easy. And partnering up with someone whose dancing to you can often result in death.

Bonus Tip:

If you are still looking for Fortnite cheat codes there’s an option you can follow to get V-Bucks, and that would be using a rewards program.

We’ve mentioned before that hack tools don’t work. However, special reward programs are an excellent substitute for them.

You can use ones like Perk, which work during your spare time. It’s one of the most preferred programs online, with 5-star reviews and 250K people in the community.

Join Perk using this promotion, and get 50 credits instantly. Then use those to buy your V-Bucks!

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